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How to Choose the Best Personal Injury Lawyer in Port St. Lucie

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Serious accidents can happen in a wide variety of situations. In a bustling coastal city like Port St. Lucie, residents enjoy a thriving economy with ample tourism and recreational opportunities. Watersports are particularly popular in the area, and many residents are employed in tourism support occupations, such as boat rentals, wait staff, and hotel staff. Although these are great opportunities for visitors and residents, they create certain opportunities for you to be injured as a result of someone else’s careless behavior. At Donaldson & Weston, our Port St. Lucie personal injury attorneys have assisted victims with asserting their legal rights. We know that you probably have many questions about your options and how to choose the best personal injury lawyer in Port St. Lucie. We are happy to answer your questions after a car accident or another accident and to help you begin fighting for the outcome that you deserve.

Recognizing the Best Lawyer for Your Personal Injury Claim

Personal injury law encompasses a wide variety of accident types, including boating accidents, motor vehicle collisions, and premises liability. Each of these case types has its own complexities and requires a unique approach. Finding the right personal injury lawyer for you often involves identifying a professional who focuses exclusively on personal injury law. If they do not have adequate experience with your specific case type, they may fail to collect the appropriate types of evidence or fail to assert all of the appropriate causes of action on your behalf. For example, in a truck accident case, you not only may be able to assert a cause of action for negligence but also may have a claim for vicarious liability against the employer as well as a claim for negligent entrustment.

Next, the best personal injury attorneys in Port St. Lucie feel confident in the courtroom and are prepared to take your matter to trial if necessary. The trial process is arduous and complex. Having a seasoned trial lawyer with a proven track record on your side can make the process much smoother. Finally, when selecting the best attorney for your claim, it is important to ensure that you have a good rapport with your legal counsel. This means being able to ask questions and feeling like you are more than just another file on the law office shelf.

In a personal injury lawsuit, the plaintiff must typically prove that the defendant owed the plaintiff a duty of care and failed to act according to that duty. When it comes to the standard of care, we are each obligated to act with the same reasonable care and skill that a prudent and careful person would use when facing a similar situation. This standard encompasses the unique factors of the situation. In a premises liability claim, for example, landowners owe shoppers and patrons a duty to inspect their properties for dangerous conditions and to provide adequate warnings. When it comes to boating accidents, boat operators must adhere to Florida’s boating laws while paying attention at the helm and keeping watch for nearby vessels or swimmers.

Regardless of the type of accident that you suffer, most personal injury claims require the plaintiff to show that the defendant’s lack of appropriate care was the cause of his or her injuries. This means that you must show that you would not have been injured but for the defendant’s carelessness. Depending on the complexity of your case, you may need to retain an expert witness who can review your case and testify on your behalf regarding the causal connection between the defendant’s conduct and the injuries that you suffered. Skilled personal injury lawyers understand how to identify a qualified expert and how to work with them to bolster your case. Finally, when it comes to compensation, you will be required to provide documentation showing the injuries that you sustained and their financial toll. This includes medical bills, lost wages, and many other items.

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We understand how stressful a serious accident can be because we have handled numerous claims on behalf of residents and tourists in the Port St. Lucie area. Our team has dealt with all aspects of the litigation process, including settlement negotiations with insurance companies and taking cases to trial. We offer a free consultation to help you learn more about our legal team and to discuss your situation. Call us now at 772-266-5555 or contact us online to set up your appointment.

What Our Clients Say
The attorneys at Donaldson & Weston helped me get an amazing result on my case. Obviously I’ve been through a lot physically but I feel better now and the money really helped my family. When I was riding my bicycle I was hit by a truck that wasn't paying attention. I am not the suing type, but I would definitely hire this firm again. - M.P.
After my accident, i felt like I was being pulled in a bunch of different directions. I really didn't know what to do and all I wanted was someone to shoot me straight. The lawyers at the firm were so honest and definitely pointed me in the right direction. The staff was professional. I think it’s great that only attorneys work on my case, it definitely made me feel comfortable - D.L.
After my accident happened I waited to hear back from the insurance company for about 6 months. I just felt like they kept jerking me around. They even told me not to hire an attorney because it would mean less money in my pocket. I couldn't wait any longer because my bills were out of hand. I hired this firm and they were solid. I got a great result without having to go to court. - S.C.