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I was invited to a neighbor's house for a party and was injured while I was there. Can I recover for my injuries in Florida?

If you're invited to a neighbor's party, a friend's party, or even a family members party and you're injured while there, you do have the right in the state of Florida to file a claim for your damages or your injuries. Basically, your status on the property at the time according to Florida law would be that of a licensee as a opposed to a trespasser or a business invitee. If you're at a friends house or a neighbor's house, you would be a licensee. The landowner at that point has a requirement to all guests at the house to warn them of known and potentially hidden dangers that could cause someone to be injured. If you're injured by a known hidden danger, then you would have a claim for your injuries and you absolutely have the right to file a claim.

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