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West Palm Beach Backover Accidents

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In West Palm Beach, there are many places that backover accidents could occur. From a Publix parking lot to any neighborhood street, an accident involving a negligent driver who reverses from a spot or driveway without looking can lead to serious injuries to pedestrians and bicyclists alike. The West Palm Beach car accident lawyers at Donaldson & Weston understand that being hit by a car not only takes a physical toll on victims but also has an emotional impact. As a result, we are dedicated to offering compassionate legal guidance to our clients, while vigorously representing their interests in court. If you have been injured in a backover accident, or if you have lost a loved one as a result of a careless driver, our attorneys can help you pursue proper legal action against those responsible. Contact our office to learn more about your legal options and see how we can help.

Backover Accidents Can Lead to Serious Injuries

Backover accidents refer to crashes that result when a driver is backing out of a parking space or driveway and strikes a pedestrian or cyclist as a result of failing to check for them before moving. In busy West Palm Beach parking lots like those accompanying CityPlace, Palm Beach Outlets, or The Gardens Mall, backover accidents can be more common, especially if a driver is distracted while trying to figure out their next destination or finishing a text message. Other areas, like residential streets where children may be playing, are also common places for these types of accidents to occur.

In the United States, backover accidents account for almost 300 fatalities each year, as well as 18,000 injuries. Children under five and elderly individuals over the age of 70 are most susceptible to being victims of backover accidents. A little over 35 percent of West Palm Beach’s population is either under the age of 18 or over 65 years old, making these accidents especially likely. Drivers over the age of 75 years old are also more likely to cause a backover accident. Regardless of a driver’s age, if they act negligently and cause a backover accident, victims may pursue legal action to receive financial assistance for their injuries.

Both pedestrians and bicyclists can be victims of backover accidents. Since these victims are not protected by a vehicle, as is the case with other car accidents, they may sustain more significant, permanent injuries, such as brain trauma, paralysis, or even death. Drivers are most often liable for causing these types of accidents. For victims to recover compensation, they must show that a driver’s carelessness rose to the legal level of negligence. Negligence exists when a driver has breached the duty to act as a reasonable and prudent person would act under the circumstances. In many backover accident cases, this breach is shown by a driver’s failure to check blind spots on the vehicle, pulling out of a driveway too quickly, or otherwise acting carelessly. A victim must also show that the breach caused the injuries and resulted in damages. If a negligence claim succeeds, victims may be awarded damages in the forms of past and future medical expenses, loss of income, lost earning capacity, pain and suffering, and more.

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Backover accidents can result in significant, life-altering injuries, and in some cases they can even lead to a victim’s death. The West Palm Beach attorneys at Donaldson & Weston assist victims in pursuing both personal injury and wrongful death claims against negligent individuals responsible for causing a backover accident. Our firm is devoted to making sure that West Palm Beach residents know and understand their legal rights in the aftermath of a serious car accident. If you or a loved one has been injured in a backover accident, call our office today at (772) 266-5555 or contact us online to set up a no-cost consultation to learn more about our legal services.

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The attorneys at Donaldson & Weston helped me get an amazing result on my case. Obviously I’ve been through a lot physically but I feel better now and the money really helped my family. When I was riding my bicycle I was hit by a truck that wasn't paying attention. I am not the suing type, but I would definitely hire this firm again. - M.P.
After my accident, i felt like I was being pulled in a bunch of different directions. I really didn't know what to do and all I wanted was someone to shoot me straight. The lawyers at the firm were so honest and definitely pointed me in the right direction. The staff was professional. I think it’s great that only attorneys work on my case, it definitely made me feel comfortable - D.L.
After my accident happened I waited to hear back from the insurance company for about 6 months. I just felt like they kept jerking me around. They even told me not to hire an attorney because it would mean less money in my pocket. I couldn't wait any longer because my bills were out of hand. I hired this firm and they were solid. I got a great result without having to go to court. - S.C.