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West Palm Beach Slip & Fall Accidents

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Slip and fall accidents usually occur when a property owner has failed to take proper measures to keep visitors safe. These incidents can cause significant injuries, especially when a victim is elderly. When a landowner or business does not take adequate care in maintaining its premises, injured victims may pursue damages through a slip and fall claim to aid in their recovery. The West Palm Beach slip and fall lawyers at Donaldson & Weston are dedicated to making sure that victims are properly compensated for their injuries. Our firm offers compassionate and seasoned legal representation for people who have suffered harm on another party’s property as a result of an owner or operator’s carelessness. If you or a loved one has been injured due to a slip and fall accident, contact our office today to find out more about our services and the legal options that may be available.

Slip and Fall Accidents Cause Serious Injuries

As of 2014, West Palm Beach had a population of about 104,000 people, as more and more residents establish homes in the area. Of this number, thousands are over the age of 65, some residing in nursing homes or assisted living facilities, but many who are simply retired and living on their own. Elderly people who experience falls are more prone to serious injuries, such as broken bones, muscle strains, or back or spinal injuries, and they may require longer rehabilitation and healing times. However, people of all ages can be seriously injured due to a dangerous environment. Slip and fall accidents can occur in supermarkets and shopping centers, as well as sidewalks or parking lots. It is a property owner’s responsibility to ensure that its main facility and other areas frequented by patrons are free from hazards.

When someone slips and falls, they may be able to pursue a premises liability claim to recover damages for past and future medical costs, loss of income, diminished earning capacity, and other expenses incurred as a result of the accident. A slip and fall attorney in West Palm Beach can help them gather evidence to support their claim. One of the most common places for an individual to encounter a floor hazard is while shopping. Businesses such as restaurants, grocery stores, retail shops, and others serving customers have a duty to provide environments that are safe.

Business owners, as well as lessees, must conduct regular inspections of their property in order to identify potential dangers. These businesses are also expected to properly train and supervise their employees so that they are equipped to recognize a danger and either fix it themselves or issue warnings to visitors of a hazard’s existence. If a business owner has actual or constructive knowledge of unsafe conditions but fails to remedy them, the business can be held accountable. Constructive knowledge refers to any hazard that would have been identified if an owner had been conducting proper inspections of the property. For example, if a customer is walking to his car and slips on an oil spot from machinery that has been left for a long period of time, or he trips over a pothole, a business owner may be held liable. Florida follows a pure comparative fault scheme of awarding damages. This means that if a defendant-owner shows that the plaintiff was also careless, contributing to their own injuries, the amount of compensation will be offset by each party’s proportion of fault.

Seek Representation from a Slip and Fall Lawyer in West Palm Beach

Falls can lead to a host of injuries, ranging from minor bruises and scrapes to more debilitating harm, like brain trauma or spinal injuries. Making sure that the proper parties are held accountable is of utmost importance to make sure that victims receive the financial support that they need. If you have sustained injuries in a slip and fall accident, the West Palm Beach slip and fall attorneys at Donaldson & Weston are available to assist you in your legal pursuits. Call our office today at (772) 266-5555 or contact us online to set up a risk-free, no-cost consultation to discuss your potential claims.

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The attorneys at Donaldson & Weston helped me get an amazing result on my case. Obviously I’ve been through a lot physically but I feel better now and the money really helped my family. When I was riding my bicycle I was hit by a truck that wasn't paying attention. I am not the suing type, but I would definitely hire this firm again. - M.P.
After my accident, i felt like I was being pulled in a bunch of different directions. I really didn't know what to do and all I wanted was someone to shoot me straight. The lawyers at the firm were so honest and definitely pointed me in the right direction. The staff was professional. I think it’s great that only attorneys work on my case, it definitely made me feel comfortable - D.L.
After my accident happened I waited to hear back from the insurance company for about 6 months. I just felt like they kept jerking me around. They even told me not to hire an attorney because it would mean less money in my pocket. I couldn't wait any longer because my bills were out of hand. I hired this firm and they were solid. I got a great result without having to go to court. - S.C.