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$12 Million Boating Accident
$7 Million Automobile Accident
$3.7 Million Slip and Fall
$3.5 Million Motorcycle Accident
$2.5 Million Pedestrian Accident

What types of compensation can be pursued after a Florida car accident?

There are multiple types of compensation that can be pursued after a Florida car accident. The ones that we mostly look at are past medical bills, future medical bills, past lost wages, future loss of earning capacity, past pain and suffering as well as future pain and suffering. In a case involving a DUI, driving under the influence, or some sort of a reckless disregard for human life and safety, we also have punitive damages which could be a seventh source of recovery or seventh type of damages. That's the amount of damage that would deter that type of behavior from the defendant in the future. So as you can see there are many types of damages. We always recommend seeking the advice of an experienced personal injury attorney to help guide you on your case and make sure that you get a full and just recovery.

What Our Clients Say
The attorneys at Donaldson & Weston helped me get an amazing result on my case. Obviously I’ve been through a lot physically but I feel better now and the money really helped my family. When I was riding my bicycle I was hit by a truck that wasn't paying attention. I am not the suing type, but I would definitely hire this firm again. - M.P.
After my accident, i felt like I was being pulled in a bunch of different directions. I really didn't know what to do and all I wanted was someone to shoot me straight. The lawyers at the firm were so honest and definitely pointed me in the right direction. The staff was professional. I think it’s great that only attorneys work on my case, it definitely made me feel comfortable - D.L.
After my accident happened I waited to hear back from the insurance company for about 6 months. I just felt like they kept jerking me around. They even told me not to hire an attorney because it would mean less money in my pocket. I couldn't wait any longer because my bills were out of hand. I hired this firm and they were solid. I got a great result without having to go to court. - S.C.